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Woods Acre Fruit Wines

We're not fancy...   We're not fine... 
We're just Good Homemade Hillbilly Wine!

We are true lovers of the Appalachian Mountains. 
It's where our heart and sole is...
This is truly one of Gods masterpieces of pure simple living.

Jason Woods started making homemade wine over 12 yrs ago in 
Cana, Virginia.  He started as just a hobby in his home. With a back yard full of Blackberries it became overwhelming.

He had to find other uses for them, "Wine".... 

As he shared his wine with family and friends they enjoyed it so well they were suggesting he should sell his wine for others to enjoy!


Jason enjoys going to local Farmers Markets with his wine.  

"Everyone loves tasting it"... Their eyes bringten up after the first sip, saying how it reminds them of their family wine making when they were a child.

Jasons fruit wine has the homemade taste that brings back

memories of the Appalachian ways in the past. 


Together Jason and Susan has started Woods Acre Wine.

They are offering this Homemade fruit wine to the local area and spreading it throughout Virginia. They have a small building outside their home where Jason spemds most every day working his wine. 


 A 20 ft yurt sits in the back yard of their small community home for a tasting room to enjoy their great tasting wine in a simple and cozy backyard setting in the foothills of the

Blue Ridge Mountains, Cana, Virginia.

Jason is exploring more traditional flavors of the Applachian culture with Honeysuckle, Dandeline, Cranberries, Figs, Elderberries, etc. Follow them on FB with all his unique flavors
and availability.  When he makes these unique batches they go "fast"!

“We want to deliver the homemade goodness of fruit wines to all.”

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